The 2048 App is a fun, addictive and a very simple puzzle game

One of the best puzzle platforms is inspired by mathematics. Math is perhaps the most challenging subject of all time because it requires a higher mental focus. Like all other puzzle games, mathematical puzzles usually have some formula in order to help the player solve the rubric or the problem being presented. Recently, a new game has been developed which is solely based on math and numerical values. The game is called 2048.

The game’s features

As the name suggests, the 2048 game features the numbers 2, 0, 4 and 8. The game is played in a four by four grid containing numbered tiles that slides smoothly when it is moved using the arrow keys. At every turn, a new tile will appear randomly with a numerical value of either 2 or 4. The tiles can slide as far as the border of the grid or if another tile will block it. When there are two tiles carrying the same number, the tiles will merge as they collide together in a single tile reflecting the total value of the two numbers combined.

However, tiles that contain two different numbers cannot be merged together. That’s one of the rules of the game. Once the player is already familiar with how the game is played. He will then aim to reach a score that would sum up to 2048. In order to achieve that total score, the player needs to capitalize on combining the tiles that emit a soft glow.


In addition, the player needs to strategically move the tiles targeting the ones which with large numbers. In doing so, it is a lot quicker for the player to reach the 2048 score. On the upper right hand corner of your screen, you will notice a score board that keeps tract of the numbers that you have combined all together. It always starts at zero, and when there are two tiles that will be merged together, the player will earn a score which corresponds to the total number of the two tiles.

The best or top score is shown alongside the current score of the player; this is to encourage the player to beat the highest score. In order to do this, he must apply some strategies to score a lot of points in the shortest number of moves possible. This may be difficult if the player is new to the game, but with constant practice they will be able to get a hang of the game.

The simple mechanics or gameplay of this brain game involves the four directional keys, allowing the player to focus more on the strategy that he needs to apply to the game and not with the complicated controls.

In other words, the player has more time in studying the games and discovering the solutions of the game and not be bothered with how he operates the controls of the game.

Overall, there’s no other game such as this and it is actually amazing how the 2048 is developed. For some players, this can be the most unique game that they have ever played. The controls are very simple yet the difficulty of the game is still a great challenge. The only way that the player will win is to discover his own strategy that will help him reach the 2048 points in the shortest time possible.